Metz moover: experimente la revolución del tráfico urbano.

All of us want to get to work and arrive back home relaxed. However, the reality in urban traffic is different: Traffic jams. Gridlock. Stress. We need a solution to get to the station comfortably and sustainably or to manage those last miles to the office. An antidote for the dreaded rush hour. The Metz moover is ideal for getting around town on short journeys, quickly and safely, and can easily be taken as luggage on public transport. Just push twice, then the electric motor can be switched on by the hand pedal – and the miles will melt away in front of you. Experience the change and feel the new freedom.



Auf Straßen erlaubt

approved for road*

Auf Radwegen erlaubt

approved for cycle paths*

Höchstgeschwindigkeit 20 Stundenkilometer

walking speed mode
(max. 6 km/h)

Schritttempo Modus

210 Wh lithium battery

Lithium-Ionen Batterie

250 Watt motor (continuous rated power)

Motor mit 250 Watt Nenndauerleistung

Maximum speed
depending on country

Reichweite 25 Kilometer

up to 20 km range**

Gewicht 16 Kilo

Weight: ca. 16 kg

* depending on country
** depending on driver‘s weight and driving conditions


Love at first kick!

Convincing design. The Metz moover is available in three different colours:

Metz Movver schwarz

moover in black

Slick. Strong. Black: the Metz moover in classical design.

Metz Moover rot

moover in red

Striking: the Metz moover in eye-catching colour.

Metz Moover grau

moover in grey

Silver-grey: the Metz moover in understated elegance.


  • Approved for road in many European countries
  • Unique walking speed mode (max. 6 km/h)
  • Ride without the obligation of wearing a helmet*
  • Ride without a driving license*
  • From 14 years up*
  • Maximum load incl. driver and cargo load: 110 kg


  • The latest trend in e-mobility
  • Light and compact to take everywhere, also in the boot of the car
  • It can easily be taken on buses and trains

* ab 14 Jahren und mit gültiger Versicherungsmarke zum Aufkleben
** länderspezifische Vorschriften beachten